Field & diagnostic Equipment

Portable Test Console

PTC is based on rugged laptop which includes software to test complete onboard avionics, including Autopilot, Sensors, RF Links, Engine interface, Payload (IR Flares, Hot Nose Cone, Smoke Generator) interface, Parachute interface. It includes the following

  • Battery with charger
  • Interface Unit and Cables
  • Rugged Laptop with battery and charger
  • Down-Link receiver and decoder with antenna
  • Low power / short range up-link radio and antenna

Configuration & Test Controller

CTC is required to designate Aerial Target Identification Number for multi target operation. This is linked with autopilot through provided cable. It comes with

  • Interface Cable
  • Hand-Set with 2 line LCD Bezel
  • Configuration Buttons and Joystick interface

RFT: RF Test Equipment

RFT equipment is used for testing RF output and frequency of Up-Link and Down-Link transmitters, including

  • Frequency meter
  • RF Power meter
  • KIT of RF Connector adapters, Dummy Loads, Attenuators
  • Spectrum Analyzer

Equipment Interface Testers

EIT is a set of four individual simulators for testing respective interfaces, including Engine, GPS, Hot Nose and Flare Firing unit

  • EIT-EIU: EIU Interface Tester
  • EIT-GPS: GPS Interface Tester
  • EIT-HNC: Hot Nose Cone Interface Tester
  • EIT-FFC: Flare Firing Unit Interface Tester

Note: Each of these EIT testers is in an individual small enclosure, less than 150mm in any one dimension. Each comes with appropriate interface connector, cable, buttons and display LEDs. These units are useful for on-field tests of interface circuits