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Research and Development of UAVs

Engineering Systems Pak (ESP), specializes in research and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)


Our Services

UAV Solutions

Our extensive experience and innovative approach to all aspects of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) result in outstanding operational solutions.


Unmanned Aerial Systems

Our UAS line is constantly expanding to meet new and challenging application. We provide the most suitable technology and equipment for Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Aerial Targets

The Aerial Targets provides real time threat simulation for evaluation and analysis. Our range of Medium to High speed aerial targets provides low cost solution for missile evaluation

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Advanced Engineering

To meet the challenges of multi discipline research and development of UAV systems, our team covers complete spectrum of advance engineering & related technologies

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Civil Applications

Civi-UAVs is our Division, specializing in research and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Civil Applications

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UAS Capabilities

ESP is a team of dedicated Professionals; our team has vast experience of more than 25 years in the design, manufacture & operations of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Our expertise include:


Computer Aided Design and manufacturing of UAV Airframe and components using advance composite materials and various metals.


Development of complete Avionics Suite, including Hardware and embedded software. Compact design solution based on SMD technology.

Ground Control

Development of Ground Control Station, including hardware and Software, provision of equipment for operational GCS for UAVs and Aerial Targets


Design and fabrication of Two axis and single axis, real time Auto Tracking Antenna System for ground control station


Provision of complete telemetry solution with a combination of seamlessly integrated in house and off the shelf equipment

On the Field

Portable Field Maintenance & Diagnostic System for UAV and Target systems for on the field decisions

System Integration

System integration capability of Airframe, Avionics, Communication equipment, Telemetry and Payload


Design, manufacturing and integration of multi and single sensor, gyro-stabilized Electro-Optical Payloads for UAVs.


Technologically Advanced

Unmanned Aerial Systems

ESP’s competitive edge is most evident in its operational know-how that compliments its technological expertise.

01. Advanced Air Vehicles

We Provide state of the Art Advanced Air Vehicles

02. Command, Control & Monitoring

Advanced Aircraft Command and Control System Hardware and Software

03. EO Payloads

Design, manufacture and implementation of EO Payloads

04. GCS / Auto Tracking

All Weather and all terrain Ground Control Stations

05. Operations & Training

Development of Auto Tracking Antenna System for UAVs

06. Technology Transfer

Interactive Flight Control and Monitoring System

07. Telemetry

Real time information for decision through advanced telemetry

08. System Integration

System Integration services for various UAV Systems

09. Field Maintenance & Diagnostic System

Availability of Support Services on the field


Our Products

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Our extensive experience and innovative approach to all aspects of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles result in outstanding operational solutions for its national and international customers.

Medium Range UAV – Condor
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Close Range UAV – Optimus
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Tactical Range UAV – Pelican
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Mini Range UAV – Ababeel
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Operational Range

We offer different Unmanned Air Vehicle Solution for customers depending on the requirement of flight time. We work with the clients to figure out the best fit solution.

Medium Range UAV: Up to 200 km

Tactical Range UAV: Up to 100 km

Close Range UAV: Up to 50 km

Mini Range UAV: Up to 10 km

* Chart shows UAV Ranges in Kilometers


Targeting UAVs

Aerial Target Systems

Design, development and operations of Aerial Target Systems

Aerial Targets

Aerial Target for Missile Evaluation and Fire Precision Practice

Payload Integration

Integration of various user defined payloads for aerial targets

Control & Monitoring Software

Software solution for control and monitoring of multi targets in real time

Maintenance & Diagnostic

On Field Maintenance and Diagnostic services for Aerial Target Systems

Catapult Launcher

All Terrain Catapult Launcher

Ground Control Station

Multi Target Control and Monitoring Ground Control Station


Our Products

Aerial Targets

Our autonomous aerial targets are available in medium to high speeds, to fulfill user requirements. These targets are providing successful operations to domestic and international customers

Subsonic Aerial Target
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HighSpeed Aerial Target
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Our Products


Our complete range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Surveillance and Targets, are backed by all the associated accustomed designed ground equipment, hardware and software. They provide seamless integration with onboard equipment and assist in operational requirements

Nav & Control Software

– SkyVigil – UAVs
– TargetTracker – Aerial Targets
– Portable
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Field & Diagnostic Equipment

– UAVs & Aerial Targets

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Ground Control Station

– UAVs
– Aerial Targets
– Portable
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Electro Optical Payloads

– Vision 360 (EO/IR)
– MiniView (EO)
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Delivering successful Unmanned Air Vehicle Solution by engaging various technology partners both locally and Internationally
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