Navigation & Control Software

Software – skyVigil

Key Features

  • Fully autonomous mode
  • Optional Manual Mode
  • Auto-Takeoff and Auto-Landing sequence
  • Up to 60 navigation waypoints
  • Digital moving map to monitor flight route
  • Flag user-defined locations on map
  • Dedicated PFD screen to display flight information for internal piloting
  • Parachute assisted recovery in case of emergency

Additional  Features

  • Mission Planning with Point & Click feature
  • In-flight mission modification facility
  • Real Time Tracking on moving map display
  • Full Flight Status Display
  • Live Video display with recording feature
  • Post mission analysis capability

Software – Target Tracker

Key Features

  • Fly up to four targets concurrently
  • Fly targets in manual or fully autonomous mode
  • Up to 25 navigation waypoints
  • Digital moving map to monitor each target
  • Mark user-defined locations on map
  • Set guides on map to aid target approach
  • Radar screen to track all targets as an overview
  • Command buttons to manage flight mission
  • Auto-Launch sequence
  • Parachute Recovery sequence
  • Support for multiple payloads (including Smoke Flare, IR Flare, Hot Nose Cone, Radar Reflectors, Radar Altimeter)


  • Pre-flight Mission Planning
  • Plan and save mission files to HDD
  • Point and Click Way Point placement
  • Rubber Band Drag of Way Points


  • Aircrafts complete state display
  • Position and Track on Moving Map Display
  • Displays up to 4 x aircrafts on Map
  • Point and Click for Waypoint adjustment during flight
  • Control of Safe/Arm/Fire of Flares, Hot Nose Cone
  • Mission data File recording on HDD


  • Used for post flight analysis
  • Similar display functions as In-Flight Piloting

Software – Portable

Key Features

  • Fly aircraft in manual or fully autonomous mode
  • Set flight mission path with 10 or more navigation waypoints
  • Digital moving map to monitor flight route
  • Command buttons to manage aircraft flight mission
  • Flag user-defined locations on map
  • Handheld Flight Controller to fly aircraft in manual mode
  • P/T/Z control for gimbal mounted payload camera in autonomous mode
  • View and record live video feed
  • Split-screen software for displaying moving map (and flight information) alongside live video feed